KIKI的個人插畫展 《Dream Walker / 遊夢者》將於8月19日至8月31於塔石廣場青年展藝館展出,開幕禮為8月23日星期六下午4點,請各位朋友多多支持! 

Kiki's solo illustration exhibition <Dream Walker> will be start from 8/19 until 8/31, opening will be 8/23 saturday 4pm, welcome to visit!




Hi everyone, 23 August Saturday 4pm is gonna be the opening of my exhibition, if any of you are free and interested in my painting and story, you are very welcome to attend and have a nice gathering with me. There will be a bit souvenir prepared for you. Look forward to see you, thanks



KIKI: 我是一個遊夢者, 因為我總是與夢同遊。 我帶著“夢”遊走於現實世界之中, 透過“夢”以自己的方法看世界感受生活。


希望所有擁有“夢”的人會喜歡我的作品。“夢”不是只存在在心中的幻象,“夢”是可以成真的,無論大小的“夢”都是珍貴的,每個人都有能力造就夢想,想“夢”成真就必需行動,每日與“夢”同遊 :)


KIKI: I am a Dream walker, because I always walk with my ”Dreams”. I walk with “Dreams” everyday in the reality, I see and feel the world and life through my “Dreams”. 

This is an exhibition about my story of traveling in Europe alone for 3 years, about the scenery that I have seen, the paths that I have stepped on, the people that I have met, the sensation that I have felt, I will display it through a dreamy prospective and fill with my imagination and creative, take my audiences to walk a journey with my“Dreams”.

I hope the people, who have “Dreams”, will like my artworks. “Dream” is not only illusion which exists in our fantasy, “Dream” is able to be made into real. Does not matter how big or small is your “Dream”, it’s all precious and everyone is capable to make “Dream” come true. If you want your “Dreams” come true, you must act on it and walk with it :)




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